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Photo Credit: Hayley Madden

This is the blog of British writer Bernardine Evaristo, used for random postings. You can subscribe for updates.

The main internet portal about my writing can be found at http://www.bevaristo.wordpress.com.

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3 Responses to About Me

  1. Jacqueline Mckinson says:

    Hi Bernardine,
    I am the lady who made the book cake!
    I am very sorry that I was unable to stay for the event, but I had to deliver a cake to the west end and then go to work!
    Tim, has emailed me a photo, which is great.
    I bake part time, but would like to do more, especially for author events.
    In the meantime I work in the family business (Costcutter Express, Acrelane brixton) and am a mother of three children who loves to read!
    Kind regards

  2. bevaristo says:

    Hi Jackie,

    Good to hear from you. Your cake was amazing
    so thank you once more. I’m certainly spreading the word regarding your cakes.
    All best wishes

  3. Fahmid shaon says:

    I want to read your book and will write a review into my language (Bangla) Blonde Roots. But I cant buy it. Is it possible to send me the soft copy of that book.

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