Catherine Smith’s ‘Biting Point’

Catherine is a superb poet and great woman with two poetry collections under her belt, ‘The Butcher’s Wife’ and ‘Lip’. ‘Biting Point’ is is her first collection of short stories, just published by speechbubble books and available on Amazon:

To find out more about Catherine visit her website:


A woman falls apart as she prepares for her secret lover’s funeral….A child builds a magical sand-castle as her parents’ marriage crumbles…A young woman confesses to her part in a catastrophically cruel childhood stunt….A love-struck teenager’s driving lesson reveals a devastating gap between fantasy and reality…..

‘Always brave, always original, always full of surprises and sometimes very sexy, The Biting Point pulls no punches in taking us to the darkness at the very edge of our dreams. Gloriously subversive and beautifully told.’ VANESSA GEBBIE

‘Catherine Smith has a voice that beguiles: she draws you in with the everyday then turns the world upside down.’ ROBYN YOUNG


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