Naomi Woddis/Lovely Photos

Tim Wells & Ash Sarkar, Poets

Katrina Naomi, Poet

Rowyda Amin, Poet

Dzifa Benson, Poet, & Gordo


Esther Poyer, Poet & Kyle

Heather Taylor, Poet, Screenwriter

Bob Boyton, Poet, Performer

Dean Atta, Poet

Tim Wells & Ash Sarkar. I love the photos of these two. So much attitude.

Denrele Ogunda, Poet

Yemisi Blake, poet, writer…

If I don’t smile for the camera, I look fierce. Sometimes I catch myself in a mirror or shop window and I scare even myself. I look angry, even when I’m not. It was a bleak January day and I wanted Naomi to take unsmiling pictures of me. This is probably my default facial expression when I’m writing.

I said to Naomi, get one of me wellies in.

Naomi Woddis is both a London-based photographer and a poet. She has started taking a series of photographs of writers but she is available for all kinds of commissions. (

If you want some striking, unusual, interesting photographs of yourself and others, taken by a professional but very different to the usual bland, glossy studio shots, then Naomi’s your photographer, and her prices are competitive. Also,  Naomi is very relaxed and friendly so it will be fun to do.

You also can find Naomi on Facebook and you can also check out more of her lovely photos

Naomi’s poetry can be seen at

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